This Video Kills Me

puppy howl
This is seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen. As Meg at Cute Overload would say, it's the teeniest of howls.

I've watched this little puppy about eight times since last night and it just never gets old. I still go 'awwwwwwwwww' every time. It's in the way the ears go back, the mouth, the not-quite-yet-open eyes, and of course, that precious mini howl.

And it's a Golden Retriever, my favorite breed of dog. Whenever I'm feeling down, I know just what I need to pick me up now.

A Few Critter-related Bits

I saw a few of these links recently and thought I'd share.

Easter is coming up, and some people are going to be giving their kids real chicks and bunnies for the holiday. When I was a kid, one of our neighbors gave her daughter a chick for Easter. Of course it was an adorable ball of yellow fluff, but the girl was about five or six at the time and most definitely could not care for a chicken in an apartment. I have no idea what happened to the chick, but it probably wasn't anything good.

So, in comes the Make Mine Chocolate campaign. It's only in its second year, but this messages deserves to be heard far and wide. Helping animals like cute bunnies and chicks avoid situations in which they're unwanted or people who are unsuited to care for them are put in charge is a lesson more people need to learn.

April 10th is Go Orange for Animals Day!

The ASPCA is celebrating its anniversary on 4/10, and has declared it Go Orange for Animals day. Sporting something orange is the way to go next Tuesday. There's merchandise to support the event available, but anything orange that sparks conversation about its significance works. The ASPCA is a great organization that has been around for 140 years, and any bit of support helps.

And finally, last, but not least:

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Puppy Love

I'm a huge animal lover. I always have been. I enjoy visiting cute animal sites and blogs like Cute Overload . Sometimes when I'm feeling down, these sorts of sites can bring me right back up again. This was the case the other day when I had an argument with my boyfriend. It wasn't anything major, just a normal couples thing, but for a short time, I felt the accompanying upset and stress.

So I turned to Daily Puppy.

I had only been to the site once or twice before, so I obviously hadn't seen the overwhelming majority of the entries before. I browsed through the cute pictures of several puppies. Little by little, I started to feel better. Jack russell terriers, samoyeds, pomeranian mixes – all had begun to help ease the stress and make me calmer. And then I saw him. His name is Teddy and he's a daschund.

It was puppy love at first sight.

One look at those eyes and it was over for me.

As for the reason I was upset, it's mostly resolved. Plus, in the greater scope of things, it's very trivial.  Once Teddy had made me feel a bit better, I was in a better position to relax and begin to put it behind me.

I showed Teddy to my boyfriend afterward and he found him just as charming. He found those eyes to be quite pretty too. I  can't wait until I can have my own dog someday. It's something I've been waiting many years for. But the day when it will happen is closer than ever. And maybe I will have my own dog's pretty eyes to look into when I need comfort in the future. But for now, I've got Teddy bookmarked.