Community and Social Media Experience

I’ve been building, running, supporting, and fostering communities and using social media for over a decade. Empathy and curiosity drive me and my view of the world, and that means I’m always learning and responsive.

Work performed for:

Amino – moderation and user support (Spanish) / Cyber Creations – moderation, community, editorial, social media

ModSquad – moderation, filter improvements (Spanish)

The Nibble – community management, social media, user support

Local small business: social media, content writing, newsletters, customer support, reputation management

If I had to categorize what I do in one word, that word would be: relationships.

  • Understanding how people connect and form relationships, both in general and within communities.
  • Knowing how people use their social media. What their relationships are to individual sites or services, and how those might change under certain circumstances.
  • Using feedback and data to plan and schedule content to reach target audiences.
  • Always keeping the silent majority in mind, even while paying attention to the vocal minority. A community or audience is a whole, and it’s important not to forget it.

I am a connector, a bridge between people, using knowledge, empathy, patience, intuitive listening, and a dash of boldness to help them find the information and success they’re looking for. Making sure users feel like their voices are always heard is powerful. My social science background, along with user and customer support experience helps me gather, interpret, and use data with a side of intuition and a friendly touch to create content and messages that resonate.

I often wear multiple hats on small teams –and that’s just how I like it! Never bored, always learning, and responsive to both community and company needs.

My personal social media accounts:

Twitter: @c_gonzalez

Instagram: quixotically

Facebook: christinagonzalez