New York Made History Last Night

I think, no matter where you stand on the political or religious spectrum, it’s likely that most us have loved ones–family and friends–who are LGBT. The way I see it, by accident of birth, I have legal rights when it comes to love (that basic of tricky, wonderful, painful, enlightening, maddening things) that some of my fellow New Yorkers were denied until last night. Religious groups got extra protections to make sure that they may still run their organizations according to their faiths, and New Yorkers became more equal. There will be more jobs here due to this legislation. We will welcome more tourists. All New Yorkers will benefit somehow. And all it took was bipartisan leadership, state senators listening to what constituents wanted in the state, and careful deliberation. It’s easy to be jaded with the political system sometimes. And other times, it actually works.

3 thoughts on “New York Made History Last Night

  1. I think that is great that New York has finally allowed gay marriage. I wish that would happen in Australia. So many other countries around have done this, why not our modern western society. Bring on marriage equality in Australia!

    • Christina says:

      Progress has been slow, but I’m just glad to see it happening. I’ve always found this inequality ridiculous. I hope things do change in Australia and everywhere.

  2. I can’t spell. So many OTHER countries around have allowed gay marriage.

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