Cover Girl Lip Perfection Review

My very first real lipstick as a teen was from Cover Girl. The shade was called Toasted Almond, and was a brownish-red that was typical of what I wore throughout high school. I received samples of this product from BzzAgent. I was really glad to be able to try Lip Perfection. I had seen it in the store, but my previous experiences with drugstore lipsticks have been mixed. A lot of the time, they’re not very evenly pigmented or don’t last very long. Also, given how these came out in the winter, when I am constantly fighting a battle with my lips over how chapped they can get, the promise of softer, smoother lips and an emollient formula were attractive.

My first reaction when I opened the cap is these lipsticks smell like those gummy blackberry and raspberry candies. If you’re not familiar with them, expect a slightly floral fruity scent. It’s pretty pleasant to me, but dissipates with some wear. The first one I applied was Hot, since red lipstick is my thing.

The formula is really creamy and it feels light on the lips for having such a moisture-rich formula. But best of all, given the texture, it’s very pigmented. Gone are the days of drugstore lipsticks playing it safe with a limited color palette. Lip Perfection comes in 44 different shades, and there’s something for every taste.

When I applied to the campaign, I chose the color Hot as the one I wanted to try the most. Hot is a gorgeous, classic red. It’s bordering warm and cool, which means it will flatter a lot of skin tones. This is a boon for those who can’t seem to find their perfect red. I’m a firm believer in the notion that there is a perfect red lipstick for everyone; it’s simply a matter of finding it (and being confident enough to wear it). Hot is a go-to color, and it has become one of my all-time favorite red lipsticks. This is no easy feat, considering I am a red lipstick addict. This is just that pretty and complete a package. Kudos to Pat McGrath for overseeing these new lines.

While I thought I was only getting one color from BzzAgent, Hot, I opened my kit pleasantly surprised to find a second color. Spellbound is a fuchsia hot pink that really delivers on the bright front. It’s definitely for the bold spirit in you, but the color itself is actually very wearable. If you’re not used to such bright lips (psst, it’s a Spring trend this year!), you can always blot it down or put clear gloss over it. For those of us who do like a bold mouth, this color only needs a slick of liner and some blended blush to look amazing.

As someone whose skin tone is sometimes hard to match, I used to be afraid of hot pinks because so many of them are too blue toned to suit me. Spellbound does have blue tones to it, but it’s not overly cool, so if you’re on the fence about it, I’d say to give it a try. Just shop somewhere with a good cosmetics return policy, like Rite Aid or Walgreens.

I’m not sure if my lips were truly softer as the cold air does a number on them each year, but in general while I wear this formula, my lips feel quite nice. I get about four hours or so of wear out of an application before touchups, and it doesn’t fade completely or leave rings of color around my lips with the centers extremely faded like other formulas can. The one major downside to this lipstick is it stains your lips. While this is great when it comes to fading evenly, the color itself can be hard to remove. While most of it will fade in a day or so, a tiny dry spot of skin on my lip was stained by Spellbound for three days. None of my makeup removers would take it off! These removers will usually dissolve the most waterproof of anything. I have only tested these two bold colors, so less pigmented or lighter shades might be more easily removable.

That said, Lip Perfection is a great product overall and value. If you’re used to disappointment from drugstore lipcolor, do take a look at this line. I’m pretty excited about drugstore makeup recently with some of the new products from Wet & Wild and Cover Girl. Having higher quality, longer lasting cosmetics within budget reach is definitely a plus for anyone who loves beauty products. I plan on purchasing more colors and see if my quest for the perfect nude still eludes me.


Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipstick

Pigmentation: 4.5/5

Durability 4/5

Value 5/5

Would repurchase? Yes

Makeup Born of the Format Wars

I was reading a magazine earlier today and caught an insert from Sephora touting new products in time for Spring. What caught my eye was this mascara from Cargo:


Was I reading that right? As in the home entertainment format war?

Sure enough, the product is being marketed as remaining natural looking under the harsh, unforgiving lens of high-definition cameras.Upon visiting Sephora's website, I found that the company is also releasing "High Definition Mattifier", which in layman's terms means a cream to make your face less shiny and skin look more flawless.

For the past several years, at least one critic has been naming celebrities who look best and worst in HD. Considering that HD picks up many details that the best makeup artists in the world might not be able to conceal, I suppose that this product line seemed like something that might catch on. It seems a bit odd to offer it up to us nobodies who will never be on a red carpet, but it's like any other cosmetic offering, I guess. The current wave in home video is digital, so I'm sure eventually we'll have HD in that regard too.

Heh, this post sounds kind of like an ad. It isn't. I don't write about products very often, but this one struck me as funny.