Diversity in Dolls

I'm sick. Have been for days. So just a brief update based on a press release I just read.

When the rollout is completed next week, Kmart stores will sell nearly
four dozen types of ethnic dolls — a nearly fourfold increase from
what's currently available. The dolls are flanked by an advertising
campaign in the store's circulars and designed to appeal to black,
Hispanic and Asian parents.

Personally, I wonder if by "Hispanic" doll, they mean one that tries to copy Dora the Explorer and be a stereotypical brown/dark brown/dark brown representation of us, or if there will be variety in what is represented. We're a very diverse group, and it would be nice to see that reflected in the types of dolls sold. Little Latina dolls with green eyes or light skin, blue eyes, or really dark skin, blonde hair, as well as dark brown or black eyes and hair would be a progressive step in truly representing us. I have dark brown eyes and hair, but there are still lots of Latinos with different color combinations, and those who don't fit the brown/brown/brown mold often feel on the fringe or are looked at askance. I recall going to join a Latino organization in college, and being told I "didn't have to be Latina to join". We're a mixed population, and unique in that we can pretty much have any color combination.

Hopefully, Kmart and other manufacturers don't forget that in their vision.