We Now Resume Our Regular Programming

So I was finally fed up with the technical difficulties that have been plaguing me regarding Vox for the past none or ten months. I was fed up enough to start customizing a new blog over at WordPress today because the ideas have been knocking at the door of my head waiting to escape the darkness and be born of my fingers. I've been feeling the need to write and express myself in this format again.

Twitter has been fun, but unsatisfying. I'm not a soundbite writer. I longed for these shores once more and came here to Vox to see if there was a way to export my old blog data over to WordPress painlessly.

When it worked.

The edit option on my posts had returned. Wait, when did this happen?! I am also able to, once again, customize my theme and blog in addition to editing posts I make.

So I will not be leaving Vox, but instead will be relaunching this blog next week. I suppose it really begins today, but I'd like to put forth something better, as well as possibly introduce a new custom design.

I'm glad to be back. I like it here better, anyway.