“I wonder if he’s nervous.”

My boyfriend caught me off guard the other night when we were talking about the upcoming inauguration.

"I wonder if he's nervous," he said.

There is so much confidence, so much trust, and an incredible amount of political capital on this one man's shoulders. and right now, watching the television coverage and seeing the crowds, and President-Elect Obama (to be President in 20 minutes or so), looking pensive, without his big, bright smile that he so often shows, I wonder if he might be too.

“Travels With Barack”

Found this on Metafilter today:

an article about the photojournalist, Callie Shell, linked there, but the highlight is
her series of photos of Obama (dating back from 2006) here.

I really liked some of these shots. To me, they just reinforce Obama's down to earth quality that really resonates with me.

A couple of my favorites: