A few thoughts before bed

Real life has intervened again. My boyfriend has been pretty sick and my paternal grandparents have been up to visit along with other family I haven't seen in several years. I've been very stressed out lately.

I'm also suffering from writer's block right before a deadline. I know I have it in me to finish writing this article, but for some reason, the ability isn't translating to type on the page. I still have a few days, but I really wanted to have a workable draft by this past Wednesday. It's not procrastination; it's a sense of emptiness, as if I didn't have something substantial when I know that I do. I think it's just the combination of anxiety over this project and general life stress of late.

I did manage to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows between Tuesday and Wednesday. I tried to read it a bit more slowly, but I couldn't help myself. A very satisfying conclusion, with a couple of loose ends, but overall, nicely done. It's simply over, and that feels a bit funny. I had the same experience with another seven-book series: The Dark Tower by Stephen King. I read the first four books in both series very quickly and pretty much all at once, then read each of the final three pretty much immediately after release.

Now, I just need a book recommendation.

To anyone that's left me a comment or a message in the last 6 weeks: I haven't forgotten you. It's been sort of oddly stressful and one of those moments when the things one intends to do far outnumber actual things accomplished within a decent timeframe.