End of an Era?

Tonight, the Yankees lost in the ALDS. Cleveland played well and ultimately took the series. Now, as a fan, I'm wondering if George Steinbrenner will make good on his statement that Joe torre was managing for his job in this series. At first glance, one would think that any owner who would consider not re-signing a manager who had taken his team to 12 straight postseasons, a manager who turned his team around this year to make the playoffs when many considered their chances super slim, and a manager with several key achievements under his belt, to be nuts.

It makes me wonder what it would be like without him. I've been a fan for a long time, but really came into it much more during my high school years, right about when Torre came on board. He's managed for my entire adult life so far. Sure, the Yankees haven't won a World Series title since 2000 (and I was watching from London when they lost in  the series in 2001), but they generally play consistent baseball and have made it into those twelve consecutive postseason appearances.

It's hard to blame the manager when there have been so many team shakeups. When decisions like bringing Roger Clemens back this year were made. Clemens, who isn't really much of a team player, not only underperformed, but his spot on the roster could have been taken by someone who had a shot of making it through the season with more wins and fewer injuries. He is in his mid-forties now. After sending Randy Johnson away in a trade, I thought they would have learned their lesson.

But the season does not rest upon Clemens' shoulders alone. It's about underperforming in the first two ALDS games right now, because once the postseason begins, it is a fresh start. The old adage "Go big or go home" is never more apt. And now, the AL postseason comes to a close for New York.

I wonder what the team will look like next season. Several key team members, including Mariano Rivera and Alex Rodriguez (who actually had a decent series) will qualify for free agency. And then there's Joe Torre. Will Steinbrenner give him another chance?

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It's baseball season again. That means one thing –

The roster changes are shaping up to make this an interesting season. It's very sad that Bernie Williams isn't wearing his 51 out on the field anymore, even if only subbing in or DHing. Of course, there are new faces as well.

And who knew Carl Pavano would not only actually be with the team this year, healthy, and the opening day starter? Honestly, if someone had made that prediction a year ago, I guarantee most baseball fans would have laughed in the person's face. Last, but not least of this week's baseball-related tidbits, Alex Rodriguez and his very sweet clutch grand slam has to be one really important step in regaining the support from a lot of fans during the chilly and rumor-filled offseason. I never booed the guy or stopped supporting him as a member of this team, but he did get some really harsh treatment from a number of Yankees fans last year, and of course, plenty of ridicule and bile from those that love to hate the team.

It's been chilly here in NY the last several days, feeling more like November than April. But the fact that baseball is back always makes me excited.

Hopefully, all the way through October for these guys.