Pulling it All Together

This blog is now stitched together from several previous blogs that I’ve kept during various times between 2006 and the present. Instead of fragments of my writing in different places, it finally felt right to bring it all into one place. While some of my pre-2006 blogging is lost to defunct sites, anchoring my history right here on my site was overdue. So while it might look a bit odd around here, with posts from a few years back, some gaps, and a variety of topics (Going through some older posts triggered mixed feelings, both positive and negative – but hey, I’ve grown!). The gaps in this blog were due to a few of life’s circumstances, health pauses, and due to writing privately as well as getting published in various places under my own byline and not. Yet, I’ve always wanted to create and keep this as a place for thoughts, hopes, musings, reviews, and stories I’d like to tell.

Here’s to tending the garden, a garden seeded and nourished through the years, but with newly turned-over soil.