Welcome to the New Digs!

I originally began my blog over at Vox, which remains a great service, but its inability to export posts and some technical difficulties I experienced over a long period of time made me consider changing bloging hosts and platforms for a while now.

Life intervened, as it often does, and I’ve been pretty busy for the past couple of months. Then, one night last week, I had a dream that I was migrating my old Vox blog over here to WordPress by hand (as is required of me, since Vox can’t export one’s blog). Only I would dream about migrating my blog (right?), but it was the reminder and kick in the butt that I’d needed, and so, here I am.

I will be slowly bringing everything over from Vox by hand, piece by piece, hence the existence of a tag on here called “from the archives”, which I will use for each old Vox post. In the meantime, I plan to spruce the place up and truly move in. Hopefully the welcome will be warm.

One thought on “Welcome to the New Digs!

  1. Tinamarie says:

    Nice, I did the same thing with my MySpace Blog a few months ago… figured no one was logging onto MySpace, it was time to move some of the stuff. It wasn’t as hard as I thought… good luck with your migration 😉

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