You’re Doing it Wrong

I've been reading some articles by other bloggers and on several more formal websites regarding blogging the "right" way. In order for a blogger to be successful, attract readers (and that all-important meter of worth, traffic), and turn his or her blog into something, there are several rules that I keep seeing pop up.

The main rule is that your blog must be about one topic only. Find a niche. Be the expert in that niche. Don't deviate. Obviously, this blog covers all sorts of topics, though there are definite common threads among many of the posts. I have a private journal elsewhere in case I feel like writing about having a bad day or something more personal, but this space is still reserved for musings on various things of importance to me, articles, and general talk in a more professional tone. It's my little space on the internet where I can showcase my ideas, interests, writing ability, and various facets of just what makes me tick.

My niche is "Christina".