A Romantic Song – What does that mean to you?

Recently, I was on a message board that I frequent, and someone asked about a few songs and whether we found them romantic, and what other suggestions we might have for such songs. I didn't contribute any new ones to the thread at the time, but the following day, I heard a song that I'd liked for years and whose lyrics I loved. The song was "Desnuda", by Ricardo Arjona.


No es ninguna aberración sexual

Pero me gusta verte andar en cueros

El compás de tus pechos aventureros

Victimas de la gravedad

Será porque no me gusta la tapicería

Que creo que tu desnudez

Es tu mejor lenceria

Por eso es que me gustas tal y como eres

Incluso ese par de libras de mas

Si te viese tu jefe desnuda y detras

No dudaria en promover tu cintura

Deja llenarme de tu desnudez

Para afrontar los dizfraces de afuera

De una mejor manera


Que no habra diseño que te quede mejor

Que el de tu piel ajustada a tu figura


Que no hay un ingenuo que vista una flor

Seria como taparle la hermosura


Que la naturaleza no se equivoca

Y si te hubiese querido con ropa

Con ropa hubieses nacido

Deja llenarme de tu desnudez

Para vestirme por dentro

Aunque sea un momento

Now the message here is clear – 'I love you, and you're so beautiful as you are that I love watching you naked as you were born. Even though I've noticed your little flaws, I don't care, and they only enhance your beauty to me'.

To me, these lyrics are incredibly romantic and beautiful, even though they're not describing typical romance or the general goings on of a relationship. Face it, there are many of those songs, with many more veering toward the saccharine than not. Granted, I love sweet and sometimes cheesy love songs too (Your Body is a Wonderland, anyone?), but there's something about songs whose writers and performers rise to a certain poetic level.

Here's the video:

Desnuda-Ricardo Arjona

Lyrics courtesy of Ricardo Arjona Online