Trend: Video Game-inspired Drinks

As I sit here, unable to sleep yet, possibly having picked up my mother's flu, I look to the internet to provide me with a little distraction. After reading about the Super Mario Power Up! energy drink yesterday, I just read about yet another video game inspired set of drinks.

I tried Mountain Dew's Game Fuel tie-in in both soda and Slurpee forms. I heard the taste described as "liquid gummy bears" once, and I'm inclined to agree. Final Fantasy Potion hasn't made its way here from Japan yet. I've heard it tastes terrible, but I'd certainly try it once for the novelty.

Many of these drinks and game-inspired foods are Japan-only, and unlikely to ever get here, but it is another
example of this type of cross-marketing. Beyond that, it's another way
video games are a more mainstream part of life these days in many parts
of the world. I'm sure eventually, we'll see more examples of this sort of thing here in the US. I just wonder what sorts of flavors will be on tap.