Community and Social Media Experience

I have been building, running, and fostering communities for over a decade, both as a hobbyist and a professional. Empathy and curiosity drive me and my view of the world, and that means I’m always learning and responsive.

If I had to categorize what I do in one word, that word would be: relationships.

  • Understanding how people connect and form relationships, both in general and within communities. Using that knowledge, and my empathy and intuitive nature to talk to and understand people’s opinions, attitudes, and feedback, and what that means for a community.
  • Knowing how people use their social media. What their relationships are to individual sites or services, and how those might change under certain circumstances.
  • Listening to feedback and examining data to determine what content to produce, increase, decrease, tweak to target better, or even drop.
  • Remembering that most community members never give direct feedback. Always keeping the silent majority in mind, even while paying attention to the vocal minority. You don’t want to overlook nor trample those who aren’t giving direct feedback. Small tools like a periodic survey with a freeform text box for written comments can spike feedback rate upward. The time investment required to read the comments submitted can be offset by good data from those who don’t otherwise speak up.

I am a connector, a bridge between people, using knowledge, empathy, patience, intuitive listening, and a dash of boldness to help them find the information and success they’re looking for. There’s always a need to get to know your community members, to know who they are, pay attention to what they’re vocal about, know what’s important to both the often silent majority and the more vocal users. Making sure users feel like their voice is always heard is powerful. Whether that’s blending social media best practices with tailored content, or creating the right support message with personal delivery, these are in my tool box. Knowing how people interact with their social media, as well as how that applies to what content we should create are my specialties. My background in sociology helps me gather, interpret, and use data to find patterns in people, their motives, and what they care about.

I usually wind up wearing multiple hats on small teams –and that’s just how I like it! Never bored, always learning, and responsive to both community and company needs.

My social media accounts:

Twitter: @c_gonzalez

Instagram: quixotically

Google+: christinagonzalez1

Facebook: christinagonzalez

Pinterest: dreams